Phoneticians and phonologists at the University of Amsterdam
13ACLC research group "Bidirectional phonology and phonetics" (2006-)
16NWO VICI project "Emergent categories and connections" (2009-2014)
17NWO Programme "Tundra Yukagir: a nearly extinct Paleo-Asian isolate in arctic Russia: a collection on CD/DVD of linguistic and folkloristic materials of the language and culture of a Siberian people for documentation, education and safeguarding for posterity" (2009-2013)
20NWO Promoties in de Geesteswetenschappen project "Primitives of phonological representations" (2012-2018)
21ACLC project "Modelling the evolution of unlearnable phoneme inventories" (2012-2019)
23NWO Promoties in de Geesteswetenschappen project "Speech perception impairments in congenital amusia" (2013-2017), also with Peter Indefrey and Henkjan Honing
24LOT–NWO project "Deconstructing pitch accent: a new perspective on word-prosodic typology" (2013-2017), also with René Kager
27project "Predicting substitute voice source characteristics after laryngectomy" (2015-2019), also with Lisette van der Molen.

Some former members:

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by Paul Boersma, 17 June 2018